Friday, March 22, 2013

my life

i am happy wif my life..
even though my life is not awesome as everyone else..
but i am fine just the way i am...
even though my life seem pathetic
i am always alone,wifout bestfriend or freinds
but i believe everyone are my friends
everybody around me are my friends
the different is whether we close or not

i am not regret getting out from that house
my decision is so totally correct
i know my heart is telling me to do the correct thing
like people said follow what your heart said because it know u the most

getting out from that house,errmm i can see i've got some difficulties
hard to move around,like going out to the mall
if i'm live in that house i can go anywhere by car wif them
but i know i'm not happy..really not happy because i does not feel free

yeah moving around by bus is really hard
must wait the bus sometime almost an hour or two
and must be squeeze in when the bus too crowded
must standing about an hour to go back to campus from the mall when there is no seat to sit
yeah it is so tiring to go out by bus

but for me it is fun even though it is really tiring
i really feel free
i can meet n talk wif new people inside the bus even though we dont know each other name
i can feel the hardship being a student
i know life is hard n it is not easy and i cannot be a spoiled child here
i must be strong and be independent because real world must be worst than these

all those things that i'm getting through will be the best memory in my life as a university student
when i'm graduate later and i'm already have my career
i am sure i'll miss to ride on a bus,to squeeze in the bus
and i'm sure i'll be smiling when i'm remember those memories
the memory of being a student in UiTM Puncak Alam

i'm really happy wif my life wif my family beside me also wif my man that always support me....


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