Friday, December 14, 2012

stress and feeling useless

hai guys and i would like to tell u all about my feelings..
today i feel really stress and little bit down n i almost cry...huhuhu
i am such a cry baby...hehehe
i dont care,because if u feel like to cry then spilt it out..
because after that u will feel really better...

from last week until this week i felt really stress and feel really down
i'm stress because a tones of work that ive to do and also to prepare for the final exam
the timetable also have already been out on student portal..huhuhu

another thing that make me feel down n stress because i feel like i'm useless
why am i saying like that?hurmmm because let it be a secret...
for those who read my previous entry will know what am i talking about...

errmm i dont know how long will my problem will be continue
because i always face the same problem since i'm in elementry school until now..
what i can do is just follow the flow..
and thanx to my hubby,u always there for me to listen to my problems and also my cry...hehehe
thanx for comforting me...


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