Monday, December 10, 2012

same...nothing was change

ermmm pe maksud tajuk entry aku tu...
ni la aku nak citerkan...
if u all wannna read thanx...if dont just close this blog ok..
thanx for those who wanna read it...

what is same n nothing was change?
its my social life...
since i'm in high school until i'm in U now
i think my social life never remain constant

why i said like that?
because i'm always be an outsider among my friends..
i dont know why i'm becoming like that..

ermmm maybe its my own mistake
that it become like this cause i dont know how to cope wif them
n maybe i'm not as fun as them or maybe i'm too serious
or maybe i'm  lack of social skill...i dont know how to be friends wif others..
ermm its true its my fault..

at first i feel little bit sad cause i'm always feel like i'm being an outsider
later it feels like i'm used to it..
maybe this is the way my life is that is it looks like i've alot of friends
but in reality is i dont know whether i've  friends or not..

but the truth is i'm grateful to meet those people which who is being my friends
at least in my life i've friends although i feel lonely...
thanx to them at least i can be happy and have fun wif them..
although after that maybe i'll be forgotten..

i'm not sad wif my life n my situation now
n i know its my fault but i dont know how to fix it
so i just  go wif the flow n dont know how long it will become like this..

thanx to u all,i've a great time together wif u all...
luv u all n don't forget me okay because i've never forget u all...


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