Thursday, November 29, 2012

feel like i wanna to run away

why the title is like that?
it is because i feel suffocate inside my own room
ermm just keep it as a secret..

i've thought a very good solution about my problem
but i'm afraid to make my plan real..
there so many heart will involve in this plan..
but i think this plan is the best solution n it benefits for both parties..
but i still dont know how to speak with them about my plan..

however i'm still determined to continue my plan
i think they all will be agree with it..
if all of them want to talk bad about me on twitter
let it be
as long as i'm happy with the future situation..
i think all of them will agree with my plan because they are the most people that will happy in the end
i just need a perfect time to tell them about this matter...

ok thats all for today i'm mumbling about what i feel
thanx for reading it...


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