Tuesday, November 27, 2012

farewell my dear baby

hai girls n guys...
i am really sad and upset rite now
it is because i lost my little baby...coco
he died this morning...

i am really sad bcoz i am not able to see him for the last time..
i really love him..
i raise him from he was a little kitten...
i fed him,slept with him n played with him..
he was so close with me...

now he's gone and i am unable to see him for the last time
i'm crying really hard yesterday when my sis called me to inform that he in his last hour to breath..
and 7 o'clock i got a message that he was gone now..
i was really upset coz i cant see him anymore..
this weekend i plan to go back home..
but now when i get back home i cant see him anymore..

goodbye my little coco..we had really great time together...
and i will never forget u n i love u my dear baby...

in memory coco :2010-2012



♥shue♥ said...

sedih aku bce blog kau.. hmm, aku tk smpat nk update psal dye sbb internet tk de. hmm. redha keyh. setiap yg idop pasti akan mati. :')

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