Monday, September 24, 2012

updating blog as my assignment

assalammualaikum n hai guys n girls...
hope u all fine n happy always...
i'm here fine n sometime happy n sometimequite not happy..
why??because of my new life as a student....hehehehe..

don't feel weird because i'm using fully engslish to write this blog
this is because i got an assignment that is to update my blog until 29/11
and that assignment i must do fully in english so i'm sorry if my english is very bad...huhuhuhu

back to my task that is to update this blog almost everyday in english
i feel so uneasy to write this blog in english but what to do its an order..huhuhuhu
this assignment is for subject MGT 417 that is INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN BUSINESS..
so to those who read my blog please don't make fun of me because of my broken english..huhuhu
ok thats all that i want to tell u..


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