Thursday, March 8, 2012

lucky me i can act

hai sume..ak rsa dah berhabuk dah blog ak ni
mlas nak update je w/pun masa byk gler
hmm ak byk hbis an msa ngn fb n tgk youtube je pas habis sekolah ni
huhuhu nak keje parents ak x kasi,so dok umah jd anak dara mithali la..hehehe

smlm an ak dapat result stpm..
hmm quite ok but little bit dissappoited cause not achive what i target
but redha je la n cover it with my smile that as sweet as candy..
lucky me that i can act naturally...hehehe
to all my classmate congrats to all of you cause u achive what u want
n sorry if u all will rarely see me in the future
because i need sometime to adjust myself to fit in with you guys again
hope u all will understand

and those who achive higher pointer than me
i hope n please don't congrats me
it is because its like u all make fun of me
don't understand,try to think that u all in my place
than u will understand

hope with my result i can further my studies
hmm i think i want further it in psychology n in UKM
hope they will accept me
i don't want to be dissapoint again in the future...huhuhu
but kalo xdpt UKM pun,dpt masuk U pun jadi la..huhuhu

ok that's all for today..
we'll meet sooner or later..bye..


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